Model in pink undies: Lycia Sharyl
This set has very special meaning for me. It represents me reclaiming control of my destiny; my outlook; my life. It represents ownership. And nobody is gonna own me!

Lycia Sharyl
perfect blonde british glamour model
Welcome to my site. I am Lycia Sharyl and I'm a British Glamour Model and Page 3 Girl from Essex. Remember this is the ONLY official Lycia Sharyl website and the only place that you will be DIRECTLY supporting me and my modelling my subscribing. Love to you all and PLEASE message me to let me know what sets you want to see! I promise I wil get straight onto it. My aim here is to please.
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lycia sharyl
This is my exclusive outlet for fans to enjoy my work and for me to showcase what I believe to be the best you will see of me!

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